Garage Invoice and Car Detailing Business

Detailing is an art

Car Detailing is one of the most exciting and fastest growing businesses. The auto detailing industry offers lots of lucrative opportunities for entrepreneurs, and start-up costs are minimal. But don’t forget that car detailing is an art, and please do not confuse it with car washing at your local hand car wash…

Be more Pro with Garage Invoice

So you offer a range of professional detailing services designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers? We do not doubt it.

We cannot help you with the preparation of the car, but we can help with:

  • keeping customer records – easily manage all of your customer data in one place
  • invoicing – create invoices, email them to your customers, save as PDF file or print
  • communication with the customer – update your customers with notes, pictures and videos at any stage car preparation. Allows them to access their customer portal where they can check their appointments, invoices, jobs and cars
  • on-line payment collection and processing – send invoice to your customers and allows them to pay on-line with PayPal or Credit/Debit card. (free PayPal and/or Stripe account required)
  • reports – look at your business the way you want and create insightful custom sales reports in minutes
  • and more…


Your Customers Experience

With Garage Invoice you can allow your customers to access their private Customer Portal.
Each of your customer will get access to their calendar, vehicles list, invoices, appointments and contact page.



Keeping your details in front of your Customers has never been so important. You can never under-estimate the importance of keeping in touch with your customers, and pro-actively addressing their needs.
Calendar page informs your customers about upcoming appointments, giving specific date and time plus it shows all invoices and quotes that were generated and are ready to be paid.
You can easily set-up reminders and appointments and present it nicely to your customers in calendar form.


My Vehicles

This tab allows your Customers to view all their vehicles that were registered in your garage. By clicking on Reg Number, they can access basic information about the car, check all the services that have been done, check invoices generated specifically for this vehicle etc.
You can add notes, upload pictures and videos for your customers, so they can check the progress of work you are doing. It’s nice feature to show pictures before and after.



Overview of invoices generated showing paid or unpaid statuses. Customers can view, print or download invoices. They can pay outstanding balance on-line using PayPal or Credit/Debit card.


Appointments, Contact Us

Appointments tab provides your Customer with all appointments that have ever been made.
Contact Us tab allows your customers to easily contact with you. You can provide your customers with instant answers, attach offers, pictures and explain jobs etc.