Garage Invoice Features

A smart automated Garage management solution that takes complete control of the Garage management business! Ideal for small & medium car repair shops. This complete shop management solution takes an integrated approach to automotive shop productivity to help you increase revenue per repair order, improve communications within your customers, project a more professional image, and boost profitability.


There’s no need to download or install any software on your computer to use Garage Invoice.
You can easily access your Garage Invoice app from any device by simply going to your dedicated web page such as (e.g. or


As we have no long term or binding contracts, just simple month by month payments, you are free to cancel our service at ANY time, with no extra charges or fees. No questions asked!
And it’s only 10£/month


Unlike some of the other products on the market, Garage Invoice is incredibly easy-to-use. While there will always be a bit of a learning curve with any new software, we’ve gone out of our way to ensure that Garage Invoice remains an intuitive and easy-to-use system.

Garage Invoice 1 month licence – just £15
Try before you buy! Checkout our DEMO app!

Easily create invoices, email them to your customers, save as PDF file or print, sign and give to your customer. Professional looking invoice in just few clicks.


Keep a work history with a task based system for every vehicle. Upload pictures & videos for your customers, or scan documents and simply attach them to tasks. Give your technicians the ability to upload pictures or videos and send them directly to your customers portal.


Marking your jobs and other important things in a calendar, helps you track the upcoming jobs that are scheduled. Most importantly, it gives you an idea of what is lined up for the day and how your week is going to be.


Maintaining a customer database is an important way to keep up-to-date on customer information and data. A database provides easy access to clients, builds loyalty, and encourages repeat business.


Garage Invoice allows you to add unlimited Staff Users to your system. All your employees can have their personal login to Garage Invoice app and you an easily set up their permissions.


As with many aspects of Garage Invoice, we designed reports in such a way that they could be created by anyone—no need to go through an admin or a specialist. Garage Invoice lets you look at your business the way you want. Our easy-to-use interface lets you create insightful custom reports for your sales and your expenses in minutes.


This module enables you to add vehicles to the system and assign them to a customer. More than one vehicle can be added to a customer, this is ideal if you manage fleets for companies. You can include mileage, MOT date and notes for each vehicle.


With Garage Invoice you can categorize spending’s, create repeating expenses (e.x staff salaries, meals etc.) & upload receipts. Just snap pictures of your receipts as they happen and attach them to your expense reports.