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Customers Database

Maintaining a customer database is an important way to keep up-to-date on customer information and data. A database provides easy access to clients, builds loyalty, and encourages repeat business.

A customer database is the collection of information that is gathered from each person. The database may include contact information, like the person’s name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.

Having a database can help a business keep in contact with customers. This helps build loyalty and repeat business.

Keeping contact information organised is crucial to your bottom line, but when it’s spread across multiple platforms and products you lose both time and a complete view of your customers’ needs.

Customers & Contacts

In Garage Invoice you can create a profile for each company and/or individual person you interact with. These profiles contain phone numbers, addresses, emails, and other general information.

You can add contact by providing Name & email address and send invoices, quotes/estimates to your customer by email.

Store relevant information on each customer, all of which can be accessed easily. Garage Invoice provides quick access to all critical account data, including key contacts, communication history, vehicles list, invoices, expenses and more.

Search Customers

To find your records quickly in Garage Invoice, you can search across multiple record types all at the same time. The results of the search are shown in groups, sorted by entity type.

Customer Statements

Garage Invoice provides the ability to show customers balance on their account. You can easily check outstanding invoices, list all paid or partially paid invoices etc.

Access to Customer Portal

When creating Contacts, you can allow your customer to get access to Customer Portal

Customer Portal lets customers:

  • check all their appointments & MOT reminders – book & reschedule with email messages
  • check vehicles, their status, check all jobs/task that has been done, check services etc. with pictures attached by you
  • see history of all invoices and pay them online (Paypal, Stripe, 2Checkout)
  • easily communicate with You

Click on the button below and hit login to check what your customers can see, when you give them access.

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