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Expense Tracker

To make sure you get all the tax deductions you’re entitled to, you need to maintain good records of your company’s expenses.

With Garage Invoice you can categorize spending’s, create repeating expenses (e.x staff salaries, meals etc.) & upload receipts. Just snap pictures of your receipts as they happen and attach them to your expense reports so you have a complete record of all expenses at your fingertips.

Employee & Business Expenses

Employees incur expenses which need to be documented. In a lot of businesses this is a difficult process to manage. Paper based expense reports are not very efficient and do not give you the ability to easily track.

Garage Invoice gives you a place to enter expense information (salaries, meals, rent cost, tools orders etc.). You can scan the receipts into the system and attach them to the expense.

It’s easy to set-up repeating expenses like rent cost & bills.

This will give you a better overall process for managing expenses and give you the ability to analyse expenses, run reports and keep everything in one place.

Customer Expenses

Mark expenses as billable to a customer. Recover costs incurred on behalf of a customer and protect your profit margin. Tag expense items to a customer and these will be added to their next invoice.

It’s useful feature when working on customers car, you keep ordering/adding parts. You don’t have to remember what was fitted to a car. Simply add expenses as they occur and invoice them later on!

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