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How to add a new Customer

1. Select option ‘Customers’ located on the sidebar menu (left hand side of the screen).


2. You can add new customer by clicking ‘NEW CUSTOMER’ button (1), deactivate existing customer (2), edit (3) or delete(4). You can filter your customers by groups, paid invoices etc. (5).

Click on ‘NEW CUSTOMER’ button to add new customer.


3. Enter customers full name or Company name (1).
Enter customer details (2). These are optional.
Hit ‘NEXT’ button (3).


4. Enter Billing details (these are going to be visible on Invoices & Quotes) (1) or hit ‘Same as customer info’ button (2) to copy information from previous page.

If you would like to give your customer an access to his Customer Portal, you have to create a Contact. You will need customer’s email address.
If you have customer’s email address hit ‘SAVE AND CREATE CONTACT’ button (4).
If you don’t have customer’s email or simply you don’t want to create contact hit ‘SAVE’ button (3).


5. Adding a Contact.
Enter Contact’s details. Make sure that email address is correct (1).

Tick ‘Allow Customer to Login’ to grand this contact an access to his Customer Portal. Garage Invoice will send Welcome email to your customer with instruction how to access Customer Portal.

Hit ‘SAVE’ button to add Contact.


6. You can add as many contacts as you need, but only first one will be a primary contact. Primary contact will receive automatic reminders and will be notified about unpaid invoices etc.

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