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How to add/change base Currency (£, €, $…)

1. To add/change base Currency click on ‘Settings’ (1) and than choose option ‘Currencies’ (2).


2. You can add new Currency by clicking ‘NEW CURRENCY’ button (1), edit already added currency (2), set it up as a base currency (3) or delete it (4).
Click on ‘NEW CURRENCY’ button to add new one.


3.Enter Currency Name using currency codes (eg. GBP, EUR, USD etc.) and corresponding currency symbol (eg. £, €, $ etc.)
List of Currency codes and symbols is available on Wikipedia (ISO Code column).
Click ‘Save’ button (2).

Don’t forget to set up your currency as ‘Base Currency’ for your location. Go to Settings -> Currencies and click next to your chosen currency.

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