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How to add Tasks/Jobs to Vehicle

1. Select option ‘Vehicles’ located on the sidebar menu (left hand side of the screen) (1).


2. Locate vehicle on the list or use Search function (1).
Click on vehicle registration number (2).


3. Select ‘Workshop’ tab (1).


4. Here you create ‘NEW TASK’ (2) or create category for your tasks & jobs.
Lets create category first. Click on ‘NEW CATEGORY’ button (1).


5. Enter Category Name (eg. Services) & Description. Tick option below to ‘Show description to customer’.
Hit ‘SAVE’ button.


6. Click arrow sign ” next to newly created category (1), pick colour (2) and click on ‘NEW TASK’ button (3).


7. Enter Name for this task and amount you are going to bill your customer for it (1).
Provide a short description of task/job for your customer and select Due Date for this task to be finished.

Hit ‘SAVE’ button.


8. Here you can add comments (1) and pictures (2) to your task. These will be visible by customer in Customer Portal.

Lets add some comments and pictures.
Click ‘Comments’ to add eg. task description, what has been done/changed, what should be done soon etc.
Click ‘Drop files here to upload’ some pictures. Show your customer that job was done properly. Attach pictures parts that require attention etc.


9. You can see all uploaded pictures (1) and added comments (2).

Click ‘Mark as Complete’ (3) to mark this job as Completed.
Customer will receive email notification upon completion.


10. Task/job has been completed and it’s ready to be invoiced. Check out guide: Invoice Tasks/jobs with one click.


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