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How to Create Invoice

1. Select option ‘Invoices’ located on the sidebar menu (left hand side of the screen).


2. You can create new invoice by clicking ‘CREATE NEW INVOICE’ button (1), view existing invoices (2), check invoice status (3) and view quick stats (4).

Click ‘CREATE NEW INVOICE’ button.


3. Select Customer (1) and/or vehicle (2).

Now you can add products/services from your own list (How to manage list of products & services) (3) or
simply type in Item Name and description, add quantity and price and click to add it to your invoice.

You can add as many rows as you need to your invoice.

Fill in ‘Client Notes’ and ‘Terms & Conditions’ (5) as required and hit ‘SAVE’ button (6) to save your invoice.


4. Newly created invoice will be visible on Invoices list (1). You can use preview window (2) to check if all details are correct.

You can edit , print , view PDF or email invoice to customer .

Check out guide: How to record payment against invoice

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