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How to import Customers (Excel, CSV…)

If you already have a customers database, you can easily import it to Garage Invoice.
You can add customers from any source as long as the data is in CSV file format and has a heading for each column (a header row).

We’ve created special Excel file that can help you to import customers and all their details. You can download it here: customers_importer.xlsm

1. Select option ‘Customers’ located on the sidebar menu (left hand side of the screen) (1).


2. You can import your customers by clicking ‘IMPORT CUSTOMERS’ button (1).


3. Click choose file (1) and select your CSV file (eg. created with excel customers importer).

Select Group and set default password for imported customers. Hit ‘IMPORT’ button to start importing your customers (2).
You can ‘SIMULATE IMPORT’ to check if imported data is correct before the real import process.

(3) ‘Download Excel Importer’ – download easy to use excel importer. Save Importer on your Desktop. Open it and copy customer’s details into corresponding columns. Click SAVE FILE TO IMPORT button. New file has been created on your desktop ‘import.csv’. Upload this file below to import all your customers.

(4) ‘Download CSV Sample’ – example file that you can use to create your own list of customers you want to import.

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