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How to Invoice all Tasks/Jobs with one click

1. Select option ‘Vehicles’ located on the sidebar menu (left hand side of the screen) (1).


2. Locate vehicle on the list or use Search function (1).
Click on vehicle registration number (2).


3. Click ‘INVOICE ALL TASKS’ button (1).


4. You can check which tasks & expenses will be billed on invoice.
Click on ‘See tasks…’ & ‘See expenses…’


5. You can ‘Select all tasks’ (1) or just few to bill on invoice. Note: all ‘in progress’ tasks will be marked as ‘complete’ when invoiced.

You can ‘Select all expenses’ (2) or just few to bill on invoice.

Hit ‘INVOICE ALL TASKS’ button (3) to create invoice!


6. Click ‘SAVE’ button to create invoice.

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