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How to Record Payment against invoice

Garage Invoice will automatically record Invoice payments when customer pays online using Paypal, Stripe, 2Checkout, Braintree, & Mollie.
All other manual payments needs to be recorded in the system.

1. Select option ‘Invoices’ located on the sidebar menu (left hand side of the screen).


2. Locate invoice which you want to take payment against (1). You can use built search to locate invoice/customer faster (2).

Click on Invoice Number (eg. INV-2017/00028).


3. Click ‘RECORD PAYMENT’ button (1).


4. Enter the amount you received from customer & select payment date (1).
Select Payment Mode (2) (Bank Transfer, Cash, Credit Card etc.). Check out guide: How to set up Offline Payments.

Click ‘SAVE’ button (3) to record payment against invoice.

If your customer’s payment is the full total, the invoice will then be marked with a green ‘PAID’.
If your customer’s payment is a part payment, the invoice will then be marked with a orange ‘PARTIALLY PAID’.


5. Payment has been recorded. You can optionally add more info (1) about the payment (payment method, transaction ID & note) or print & view PDF file (2).
Your customer has been automatically notified about this payment.


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