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How to run Invoice Reports (TAX, Total…)

1. Select option ‘Reports’ located on the sidebar menu (left hand side of the screen).


2. Select option ‘Sales’ (1).


3. Click on ‘Invoices Report’ (1) to run Invoice Report.
From menu ‘Period’ (2) select predefined period of time (last 3, 6 or 12 months) or select option Custom to set your desired period of time (3).
This will list all invoices (Paid, Unpaid, Partially Paid and Overdue). If you wish to list e.g. only Paid Invoices, please select option ‘Status’ to Paid (4).
Please ensure that option ‘Show’ is set to ‘All’ (5) to list all the invoices generated within selected period of time.
On the bottom of the list you will find totals for Amount, Amount with Tax and Total Tax (6).
You can easily print or export data to Excel, CSV or PDF file using ‘EXPORT’ button located above the list of invoices.



You can filter your invoices list according to any status, sale agent, year or payment type. Just click on ‘Filter by’ button and select preferred options.



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