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How to set up Offline Payments (Cash, Card, Cheque, Voucher…)

Garage Invoice comes with few predefined offline payment modes: Bank Transfer, Card (Debit/Credit), Cash & Cheque.
Payments modes are used to record payments against Invoices.
If you still need to add your own payment modes:

1.To add new offline payment mode click on ‘Settings’ (1) and than choose option ‘Payment Modes’ (2)


2.You can add new offline payment mode by clicking ‘NEW PAYMENT MODE’ button (1), deactivate/activate already existing modes (2), edit (3) or delete them (4).
If you need to update Bank Account details just click EDIT button (3) next to Bank Transfer.

To create new offline payment mode hit ‘NEW PAYMENT MODE’ button.


3.Enter Payment Mode & Bank Account Description (optional) (1). Tick option ‘Active’ to make new payment mode Active.
Option ‘Show Bank Accounts /Description on Invoice PDF’ will show payment description on Invoices sent to your Customers. It can be useful for example to show Bank Account No & Sort-Code details so customers can make Wire Transfers.
Option ‘Selected by default on Invoice’ will make this payment mode available on newly created Invoices. If you don’t want this option to be available by default – untick it.

Select where this offline payment mode should be used (3).

Hit ‘SAVE’ button (4) to add offline payment mode.

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