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Invoicing with Garage Invoice

Easily create invoices, email them to your customers, save as PDF file or print, sign and give to your customer. Professional looking invoice in just few clicks.

Unlike many other similar products Garage Invoice does not make an industry from invoicing and accounting, it makes the whole process quick and simple and requires minimal computer knowledge.

Invoicing with Garage Invoice is very simple. Just select customer from database, add items to your invoice (you can type in new ones or select them from predefined list) and hit ‘Save’ button. Your invoice has been created!

Invoice anywhere

As Garage Invoice is cloud-based, this means you can access it anywhere, and it looks and works equally well on an iPad as it does on a Mac or PC. Our dynamic and intuitive user interface can adapt to any size of screen.

Invoice database

Small businesses should retain records of all invoices sent for at least six years. This is important for tax purposes and just good business accounting. Garage Invoice can store all your invoices for you.

Organizing invoices can get overwhelming – keeping track of what’s been paid, whose paid you, and what accounts are still open can get off track quickly with standard filing systems.

Easily search for invoices

Since every invoice is digital, searching and retrieving any invoice can be easy. Search by customer or vendor name or date and all the corresponding invoices can be viewed instantly. Digital invoices can be sent to customers instantly reducing paper clutter and mailing costs.

Garage Invoice provides a fast and reliable way to quote or invoice your customers and track unpaid accounts. Sort your Invoices by statuses: paid, unpaid, partially paid or cancelled. It’s very easy.

Products list

You can also define a list of products you sell, setting volume pricing, units, tax and description to speed up data entry even more. Now you can add this items to your invoices with few clicks.

Payments & recurring Invoices

Your customers can pay you online using for example popular PayPal or Stripe system.
It’s simple: create invoice, send it to customer, so he can view it online and pay securely.

Another useful option is setting a recurring invoice. For example when you offer a monthly payments for servicing cars or any other service. Let your customers pay you every x months for their service.

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