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Vehicle Database

Garage Invoice has been designed with speed in mind, so you can search through vehicles quickly. Just type in owner’s name or registration plate number and you are ready to go!

This module enables you to add vehicles to the system and assign them to a customer. More than one vehicle can be added to a customer, this is ideal if you manage fleets for companies. You can include mileage, MOT date and notes for each vehicle.

Tasks & Jobs

Keep a work history with a task based system for every vehicle. Upload pictures & videos for your customers, or scan documents and simply attach them to tasks.
Give your technicians the ability to upload pictures or videos and send them directly to your customers portal.

This is a great way to promote trust and transparency to your customer, making it easier to up-sell the work found and the likelihood of the customer returning in the future.

With messaging system build in you can notify your customer about new issues and get approved via web chat. Chat is available for you and your customer for each repair.

Search by..

In Garage Invoice you can search for vehicle by typing in registration plate or customer’s/contact’s name. Easily search for filter vehicles by status.
You can even pin down vehicle you currently working on to get to it faster.

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